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Boost your health with the best 100% natural supplements

Feel your best with East Park Research’s medically-researched and clinically-tested natural supplements

Immune Support

Our immune systems are our first line of defense against diseases, and having them compromised can leave us vulnerable to a variety of health issues. Olive leaf extract is a powerful supplement that can boost your immune system to strengthen your first line of defense against diseases.

Hormone Balance

Anyone concerned with health problems accompanying advancing age will benefit through the use of our unique, natural anti-aging supplements.

Haircare & Skincare

Shop our selection of all natural hair & skin care products that will yield truly transformative results, proven by clinical trials. Our patented olive leaf extraction process ensures maximum healing power for your hair and skin.

Fight the Symptoms of the Flu and Common Cold

Colds and flu are the most common problems associated with compromised immune systems, and while most commercial cold and flu remedies address only symptoms of these problems by masking them, d-Lenolate Plus Cold and Flu will give you true symptom relief.

Get Rid of Your Pain Naturally 

Balance Your Blood Sugar Naturally


I have used [Olive Leaf Extract as d-Lenolate] for about 12 years and haven’t been ill ever in that timeframe.


M. Devine


Why olive leaf extract? It is a natural anti-virucide, anti-fungal and antibacterial.


A. Miller


I have used [Olive Leaf Extract Cold & Flu as d-Lenolate] for years to prevent catching colds and bugs that go around. It is great stuff!


M. Stewart


Love this product. Great for the immune system.


Melissa M.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Deaths from infectious diseases are on the rise as a result of multiple factors, including increased stress, poor nutrition, lack of adequate exercise and an increase of pathogens in our bodies that are resistant to antibiotics, including a range of “superbugs” essentially unaffected by antibiotics.

If the cause of disease could be narrowed down to one single factor, it would be a compromised immune system. Our immune systems are our protection against invasion from harmful microbial pathogens that may enter our bodies when we eat, drink, receive cuts or even breathe. A weakened immune system resulting from the factors listed above reduce the body’s ability to stave off the onslaught of these disease-causing invaders, and we become ill.

East Park Research has created incredible natural immune boosters with our line of immune system supplements based on a patented olive leaf extract called d-Lenolate. Olive leaf extract benefits are well documented through clinical trials and have yielded truly transformative results. If you’re looking to improve your health and your life, buy olive leaf extract supplement products with us for a great product and the only patented version on the market!

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Our Promise to You


We take your health very seriously. That's why all our products are the result of years of medical research. Our patented ingredients are clinically tested to make sure that they are safe and efficient.

Made in USA

We have worked hard to keep all of our manufacturing, packaging and distribution here in the USA. East Park Research has been creating jobs and showing that American manufacturing is alive and well!


We are committed to giving you only products that are 100% natural, organic, and hormone free. It is our promise to you that all of our product will always  fit that criteria.

25 Years

East Park Research has been researching and developing homeopathic supplements for over 25 years. We started off as, and continue to be, a family-owned business with products dating back to 1995.

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