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Dr. Lyons’s The Anti-Aging, Health-Promoting Miracle INDIUM


Indium – The Missing Trace Mineral by Dr. Robert Lyons

Here at East Park Research, we sell many products that reap the benefits of the element Indium, but you might be asking yourself what exactly is Indium? Check out Dr. Lyons’ book on Indium and anti-aging to find out why this miracle element is so crucial to rejuvenation. Dr. Lyons is a research director on human development in Budapest, Hungary, who has dedicated himself to studying the health benefits of Indium on the human body. In his book, The Anti-Aging, Health-Promoting Miracle Indium, you can learn all about Indium and youth-promoting hormones, which reverse the effects of aging.

Indium is an element that the body produces up until about age 25-30. That’s when the effects of aging start to kick in. In this book on Dr. Lyon’s miracle element indium, he presents two reasons why you need the trace mineral Indium:

1. Dramatically increase essential trace mineral absorption in the liver, heart kidneys, spleen and lungs where they are most needed.

2. Cause the hypothalamus-hypophysis bio-feedback loop to release a cascade of youth-promoting hormones such as Human Growth Hormone (HGH), estrogen and testosterone, as well as hormones that stimulate the adrenals and the thyroid.

Order your copy of Dr. Lyon’s book today to see why it is one of the best and most informative anti-aging books on Indium!

Dr. Lyons' Book on Indium, Anti-Aging & Youth Promoting Hormones

Learn all about Indium and its all-natural, anti-aging effects in Dr. Lyon’s book. Order today to see how you can reverse the effects of aging!

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