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Indium Energy® 30ct

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Assists with:

  • Health concerns associated with aging including menopausal symptoms
  • Decreased memory capacity
  • Fatigue or low energy


About Indium Energy:

Olive leaf extract supplement for fatigue, low energy levels, decreased memory and menopausal symptoms.

All-Natural Indium Supplement

The struggles of aging are more than just physical. An increase in fatigue, decrease in mental quickness and worsened sleep schedule can be just as debilitating. Now, with Indium Energy, you can kick aging to the curb and start living your best life, no matter what age, the natural way.

We believe our indium supplement is the best anti-aging supplement on the market. That’s because Indium Energy helps your body trigger its natural age-reversing, health-enhancing capabilities. Aging is precipitated by decreased production of important hormones in your body. Indium battles this by stimulating hormone production to youthful levels. That hormone production has incredible effects – Indium Energy users report better energy, improved sight, better sense of well-being, relief from migraines, weight control, mental clarity and more.

Indium Energy is an all-natural menopause supplement, a natural memory supplement, a natural energy supplement and more. Just one tablet a day can change your aging trend and your life.


The Anti-Aging Power of the 49th Element - Indium Energy®

  • Increase energy, agility, and endurance
  • Relief from joint discomfort
  • Elevated immunity
  • Improved vision
  • More restful sleep
  • Increase in muscle strength
  • Improved mental quickness including memory
  • Overall sense of well-being

Indium Energy® is what your body really needs to trigger its natural age-reversing, health enhancing capabilities. Research shows that aging is precipitated by the decreased production of important hormones. Indium counters this energy-draining trend by stimulating hormonal production to youthful levels, triggering your body’s natural anti-aging defense. Users report increased energy, improved sight, sense of well being, relief from migraines, weight control and more!



Indium sulfate, copper (as Oxide), selenium (as Amino Acid Chelate), dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, steric acid, silicon dioxide, magnesium sterate, zinc oxide, potassium iodide, magnese amino acid chelate, chromium amino acid chelate


Recommended Use:

  • Take one tablet daily in the morning with food.

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  • What have people reported feeling after taking Indium products?

    People have reported a boost mental awareness and energy levels, essentially making you feel like a kid again, improved eye sight, more restful sleep, more muscle strength, increased endurance, relief from joint discomfort, faster working memory, decreased sleep requirements, better vision, and dramatic relief from a myriad of health concerns that have plagued them for years.
  • What is the science behind Indium?

    Indium products significantly improve absorption of other metallic elements from the large intestines such as copper, zinc (for prostate health), manganese and chromium, and appear to counter the health and energy draining trend associated with aging by stimulating a cascade of hormonal production. Indium, the 49th element, is a healthy, nutritional trace element which is not found in our food chain. Indium in its pure form is toxic. The reason it is transformed into Indium sulfate is for two reasons: A) to make it non-toxic and B) to make it water soluble. It can be found in the body until age 25-30, after which time no trace of Indium has been documented in the body. The disappearance of Indium in the body past the age of 30 is what inspired the investigation of the element and the health benefits it may yield if prolonged existence was enabled. Since the element is not found in our food source because it is not water-soluble, there had been no way for our naturally aging bodies to obtain the health benefits of its anti-aging properties.
  • Is Indium effective for senior citizens?

    Indium’s main purpose is to support your glandular functions. Since as we age, these functions tend to decrease, Indium is actually more effective on older individuals than the younger population. Therefore, yes, Indium is effective for senior citizens.
  • I once read that Indium products should only be taken in liquid form, but you also offer it in a tablet form? Also, does it need to be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning?

    Most publications on Indium sulfate were written during or prior to the 1990s. Through further research and studies, we have found that Indium can be very carefully rendered as effective in the solid form as it is in the liquid form. A dissolution study showed that Indium will still enter the blood stream if taken with food, but at a slower pace than without food. The time of day in which the supplement does not change its effectiveness. If you are taking the liquid form it is recommended not to eat or drink anything for 15 minutes before or after taking the supplement to allow for full absorption.
  • How long have the Indium products been on the market?

    Indium XL, our liquid form of Indium has been on the market since 2001. Indium Energy, Hormonal Balance: Women's Support, and Balance and Energy: Men's Formula have been on the market since 2003.
  • What is the difference between Indium liquid and tablets?

    The main difference is the form in which Indium is delivered to your body. Our tablets are available in 30ct (1 Month) or 90ct (3 Months), while the liquid bottle only comes in one size and contains 12 mL (3 Months).
  • Is use of Indium products recommended for children?

    No, Indium products ares not recommended for anyone younger than than the age of 25.
  • Is use of Indium products recommended for pregnant or nursing women?

    No, Indium products are not recommended for pregnant women or while nursing.
  • Can I take the Indium products with my prescription medicines/other supplements?

    Indium products may be taken with any prescription medication, but is not recommended to be used with the body building supplement known as ‘creatine’. Other supplements will not contradict the Indium products.

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