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d-Lenolate: The Immune Boosting SupplementLearn how to boost your body's immune system with d-Lenolate as Olive Leaf Extract

The olive tree lives for thousands of years and its unique chemical makeup protect it against every insect and bacterial predator. In this brochure you will understand more about how the olive leaf extract works to help your body heal from various illnesses.

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In this brochure you’ll learn:

How d-Lenolate Works

Learn how d-Lenolate is different from other Olive Leaf Extract and how it helps your body fight various illnesses.

Results of a Double-Blind Clinical Study

A 32-week randomized double-blind study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Bacterial and Viral Problems

Understand how d-Lenolate helps your body’s immune system fight viruses and bacteria.

Effects of d-Lenolate

Learn the importance of boosting your immune system and what results you can expect from using d-Lenolate.

Why choose d-Lenolate?

Immune Boost

Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal




Increased Absorption Time

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