An In-Depth Look at Indium

If you were paying attention in your high school chemistry class, you may remember indium as the 49th element on the periodic table. This soft, silvery metal can be found in the Earth’s crust – and also in our bodies, at least until the age of around 25 to 30. That’s when Indium levels drop off, and the signs of aging start picking up.

Indium doesn’t dissolve in water in its natural form, but it does when compounded into Indium sulfate. That’s why indium sulfate is the form this trace element takes when it’s made into a supplement, so it can be easily ingested.

How Indium Works


Aging is the result of the decreased production of certain hormones in the body. Countering that decrease by taking indium sulfate means the body will put into action a natural, anti-aging defense. This happens because indium helps your body absorb many important essential minerals, including a youthful level of hormonal production, making your body feel like it’s younger than it really is.

Benefits of Indium

A number of both short- and long-term benefits have been found for those who take indium supplements. These include the following:

Short-Term Benefits

  • Increased energy, endurance and agility
  • More restful sleep & a reduced need for sleep
  • Loss of hot flashes from menopause

Long-Term Benefits

  • Reduction of stress-related issues
  • Heathy body weight
  • Reversal of signs of aging
  • Better functioning hormonal systems
  • Increased energy
  • Improved vision
  • Sense of well-being
  • Relief from migraines
  • Decreased depression
  • Increased motivation
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Relieved joint discomfort
  • Improved mental quickness, including memory

So, What Exactly Is in Indium Supplements?

Indium is not found in our food chain, so a supplement is the only way to add it back into our bodies. Here at East Park Research, there are two versions of Indium supplement available: Indium XL and Indium Energy. The only difference between the two is that the XL version is in liquid form while the Energy option is in tablet form. In addition to pure indium, Indium Energy also includes several other essential minerals for those of us who don’t take daily supplements: indium sulfate, zinc oxide, copper oxide, selenium, chromium, manganese and potassium iodide. These minerals are absorbed by the body at higher rates than normal, improving the body’s integration and use of the minerals as well as the health benefits. Indium sulfate has been found to be effective in both liquid and solid forms, so it’s just a matter of preference – and whether you want those extra minerals.

Some Specifics of Taking Indium

Indium has been found to be effective for all ages, but more so in older individuals since the improvements it makes are on functions that decrease with age. Indium may be taken with any prescription medication; just avoid using while taking “Creatine” body building supplements. While it’s not important what time of day indium is taken, it will enter the blood stream faster when taken with food.

These supplements have been on the market for over a decade and have improved the lives of many people. Start acting the age you feel with the indium trace mineral and say hello to a new chapter of life! If you’d like to learn more, check out Dr. Lyons’ book, “The Anti-Aging, Health-Promoting Miracle INDIUM”.

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