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Regrow Hair Faster: Natural Hair Growth Remedy for Home Use

Has your hair started thinning out? Or are you experiencing hair loss more frequently than normal and it doesn’t seem to grow back fast? Maybe your hair feels like it has stopped growing altogether and you’re not sure why. Finding a fast natural solution can be frustrating with so many options available to choose from. We hope to simplify this today by focusing on a natural hair growth remedy that is specifically designed for home use and most importantly it really works.


Causes for hair loss, thinning, breakage or slow growth

Hair growth issues can be due to several causes, either making it fall out from the root, or breaking off on the ends. The most common causes of hair loss, thinning, breakage or slow growth are:

  • Products and treatments

Although hair products and treatments are supposed to help with the condition of your hair, some of them contain harsh ingredients that can contribute to breakage and hair loss. Home hair dyes are some of the worse culprits since no one really knows how they will react with the hair and scalp. This is why a patch test and strand test are always recommended to protect the hair and scalp from nasty burns or irreparable damage.

Other products can cause a sensitivity reaction on the scalp leading to inflammation around the follicles. This causes hair growth to slow whilst the cells focus on repairing themselves. Hair dye removers are also known to be harsh on the hair and scalp, leaving it dry, brittle and more prone to breakage. To avoid any risk of reactions and promote hair health, choose 100% natural products with deeply nourishing ingredients.


  • Hormones

A common cause of hair loss and slow growth is due to hormonal changes. If you have been pregnant, have a thyroid condition, gone through menopause, or have other health conditions that affect hormones, hair loss may be one of the symptoms. For men, hair loss can appear more dramatic, faster. For women, hair loss tends to happen more gradually with age as the levels of progesterone and estrogen are become lower.

When estrogen and progesterone are lower, the hair becomes thinner and growth is slower. So when we naturally lose hair while washing and brushing, it can seem like it falls out and just doesn’t grow back leaving you with patches or sparse hair. All is not lost! There are natural solutions such as Indium mineral to boost hormones back to youthful levels that help to tackle this root cause of hair loss.


  • Diet

Our diet effects the health of the hair follicles. This is quite a big deal since the hair follicle is responsible for hair thickness, strength and growth. If we have any nutritional deficiencies, the hair and skin can be some of the most visible signs. One of the most important components for growing healthy hair is protein. Dietary proteins contain amino acids that produce sulfur which is important for improving hair strength and texture.

Amino acids from dietary proteins influence the thickness and volume of your hair. Great food sources of these dietary proteins and amino acids for healthier hair are things like meat, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, yogurt, nuts, seeds, wholegrains, fruit and vegetables. Folate and iron are two other vital nutrients for healthy looking hair. Together, they nourish your scalp for hair growth and regeneration.  Foods such as kale, broccoli, asparagus and red meats are good sources of folate and iron. And not forgetting hydration! If you’re not getting enough water, chances are your hair isn’t thriving like it could be.


  • Medication

Some medications can have unwanted side effects including those that affect hair growth or texture. This is because our bodies work with delicate biochemical process all over our body including our scalp, hair cells and follicles. Some medications, especially when taken over a long period of time, it can disrupt the biochemical processes that help keep the hair looking youthful.

If you suspect your medication may be giving you a side effect of hair loss, talk to your doctor to confirm. Once you know the root cause, it is far easier to manage. Even with medications, it is still possible to recover from hair loss and encourage faster new growth. Sometimes the halt in growth or hair loss is only a temporary side effect of the medication which is why it’s worth discussing with your practitioner to find out.


  • Lifestyle

There are various aspects of our lifestyle that affect the health of our hair. It may be easier to go for a quick fix product rather than changing your lifestyle, but for long lasting results and optimum hair and health, it may be worth the change. For example, do you often feel stressed or anxious? In this mode, our body is on standby for the fight or flight response. This means energy is being diverted there, rather than on healing and hair growth.

Other ways our lifestyle can affect our hair are general outside elements such as the weather or chlorine from the pool. These can dry the hair out and cause breakage easily. Tight hairstyles, heat styling and hair extensions can also damage the hair and affect growth. Sleep is another factor for healthy hair. If we don’t get enough quality sleep our hair cells don’t regenerate as well as they could. Take some time to rest, destress regularly.


So we have discussed some of the causes, now what’s the solution? Well, let’s check out how the hair works on a cellular level, so we can see how a little help from Mother nature could be key to restoring hair health and encouraging growth.


natural hair growth remedy

Natural hair growth remedy that works on a cellular level

Disclaimer: Best results from any natural hair growth remedy will always come when combined with a healthy varied diet and lifestyle choices that are kind to your hair. Even the very best hair growth or repair remedies will struggle to perform well if they have to compete with continued use of harsh chemicals from products or chlorine.

For any hair growth products  to really work, it has to be able to penetrate both the scalp and the hair shaft. The hair follicle surrounds the root of the hair and it can be prone to infection from bacteria and fungus, so it is important to treat this for optimum hair health.

That brings us to the natural hair growth remedy that we will be focusing on today – olive leaf extract…

Olive leaf extract is a popular health supplement for a number of conditions as it is a proven natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. But not as many people know about the benefits olive leaf extract has for hair.

If we go back to the diagram of the hair and skin, you can see that for every single hair on our head (and body), there are several other parts involved to keep it functioning and healthy. Even though the ends of our hair are what we see, the real health of our hair starts at the root.

It’s here that olive leaf extract starts to work its magic as a natural hair growth remedy. Olive leaf extract shampoo and conditioner are the easiest direct way to apply olive leaf extract to the hair to start receiving these benefits:

  • Stimulates natural moisture productions to prevent dryness and flaking
  • Strengthens each strand of hair at the root and smooths damaged hair cuticles to restore shine and luster
  • Exfoliates hair follicles to remove dirt, excess oils, and residue
  • Gently eliminates dirt that causes inflammation and yeast build-up


How does it work for hair growth?

Bacteria and yeast live naturally outside and inside our body. However, in some parts of the body such as in folds of skin or on the scalp where the temperature is warm and moist, its perfect for bacteria and fungus to grow and build up quickly. This makes it more difficult for our hair to stay healthy.

The problem with many hair products is that the ingredients can irritate the scalp and disrupt the good bacteria from being able to protect properly, leaving opportunity for bad bacteria to thrive. But with organic olive leaf extract shampoo, the ingredients actually work to eliminate any yeast buildup and cleanses away the bacteria. Furthermore, olive leaf extract, combined with witch hazel shampoo helps to neutralize the PH level of the scalp to help those delicate biochemical processes for hair growth.

Olive leaves also contain many nourishing properties for your hair and scalp. This can help immensely to heal and repair the hair follicles and hair shaft after exposure to too much sun, chlorine or processing products. This is why olive leaf extract makes a particularly good natural hair growth remedy, even when you lead an active lifestyle.

Going back to the diagram once more, you can see that each hair follicle is attached to blood vessels. This is where the root of your hair receives nutrients to grow. This is where the diet and lifestyle factors really come in. If we eat good food, our hair receives good nutrients to grow. If we are relaxed, the hair follicles are also relaxed. High stresses causes our whole body to tighten up and less blood flow goes to our hands, feet and scalp.

When shampooing your hair with olive leaf extract and massaging it in, not only are you giving it nutrients, but you are also helping to release any tight hair follicles and increasing blood flow, stimulating growth. Following on with the olive leaf extract conditioner leaves a lasting protection and helps to seal in the nutrients to promote healthy hair growth.


Organic olive leaf extract shampoo like Oliverd’e with witch hazel and natural plant proteins is the easiest and fastest natural remedy for hair growth. It gets to work right away from the first wash! See for yourself what a difference olive leaf extract can do for your hair…


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