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The Frankie Boyer Show

Listen to East Park Research’s president, Geoff Melcher, on The Frankie Boyer Show. Geoff and Frankie discussed Candida, gut health, weight issues, the immune system and more!

Audio Transcript

This is the Frankie Boyer show medically and your voice for healthy living.

Hi everybody. It is Frankie Boyer air. This is a very important program today. And for many of you that have been listening to the show for, for decades and for years, I have talked about candida and the problem that the problem with sugar, the problem with certain foods, we don’t even understand.

Uh, we have not even a clue of what candida does to our system. Not even a clue. You know, we’re all talking about microbiome. Isn’t that wonderful, that conversation, but let’s clean up the candida first. Let’s talk about what that’s doing to our health and to our lives. And joining me today. And we welcome back an old friend, somebody who has been talking about a product for decades, Geoff Melcher from east park research. 

So let’s go back to the beginning days of when we first started having our conversations, because it was with your late grandfather, the man that brought us all of leaf extract, the men that believed in the Bible, the men that wanted to really, and truly get to the bottom of why his son could not recover from his disease and your grandfather.

Look to the Bible and realize that, wait a minute, maybe there’s something about this, all of leaf extract that I need to know about. And so welcome back. The early days of this company, east park were devoted to research were devoted to educating the public.

Absolutely. That was, that was really the driving force because there was so little information out there. And you, you, you mentioned where the Bible in came in and he actually purchased the research from us, John, because they had started, but they hadn’t cracked the code on getting the therapeutics of the olive leaf to.

In the human body, that was the problem. They could, they could always get it to work for a few minutes, but to get this extended healing powers of the olive tree, that was really where he cracked the code with the little lake and what they found those therapeutics were, were a lifeblood. If you will, to your immune system, they were literally going in on a cellular level and making your immune system as strong as it could possibly be.

And that’s where the first seven to 15 years was, was devoted, was devoted on finding this one little piece, this one little cracking of the code. That way people had a natural solution. To boosting their immune system. Cause my uncle, his son had aids in the eighties, which was a death sentence. And it was because your immune system was so damaged, damaged, and you have something, yeah.

That the T-cells were important back then to increasing the T cells. And I remember having conversations with your late grandfather and, and for those of you three years ago, Geoff and I met, we randomly met at a party at expo west. And you can only imagine when I found out he was the grandson of Gordon Melcher that I like absolutely was so blown away and we just like, we just didn’t stop talking for the entire night.

We were like, so excited to have found each other and never in my wildest dreams. I mean, talk about, talk about the serendipity of life, but here we are, again, crazy one single event at the same table right next to each other. He said, man, we sit down and I said, absolutely. I was with my dear friend, Janice. And, and that was the rest, as they say is history. But how fabulous we were reconnected because I have to tell you that in the early days of the Frankie Boyer showed, there were a few people that really made an impact on my life.

And Gordon Melcher was one of them. And I mean, I remember my interviews with him as though they were yesterday. That’s how powerful those interviews were. And that was the beginning of this story about all of leaf. And you all knew about it early listeners of the Frankie Boyer show before anybody else.

So now we’ve had this big, big event in the world where conversations were not really, no one really had the conversations about the immune system. And we’re still not talking about the immune system. We’re still not talking about co-morbidity, we’re still not talking about those things that were so critical during this pandemic for people to understand how the body works.

And so, unfortunately, we as Americans, what do we do when. Times get tough. We go back to the comfort foods and what’s the problem with the comfort foods? Well, the comfort foods mostly are high, highly refined carbohydrates. And you know, and I know Geoff, what’s the result of that compromised immune system, compromised immune system and super food for yeast, candida fungus bacteria.

It is the beginning of your body’s demise. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. So I would love for you. Give me, give me a rundown of what exactly do you want us to understand about this story? And you have created a website and a free book, and this candy does story is critical. It’s just critical. Well, candida will affect 90% of Americans in their lifetime, 90%.

That is astonishing. So every single person or mostly every single person is going to have this issue in the crazy thing is, is it height? And it doesn’t necessarily manifest itself until it reaches a critical point, but it does Inder your immune system. It hinders it. And so, oh, you may get a cold here, a flu here and what, what is important.

And what we want to talk about is you do have a solution. You do have a way where you can get your immune system and we’re going to highlight even more on candida. But if you want to get the book and even starting out, Candidadeal.com, it’s free for you. You can download it, it’s available. And it’s going to be what we’re talking about.

As we move forward, the book again is available for free. You heard me correctly, F R E E nothing like free and the website.

CandidaDeal.com. It’s a download. You can get it on your phone right now and start looking at what we’re going to be talking about. Wonderful. We’ll be back in just a moment. And is there an 800 number as well? Yeah, (800) 656-8687. If you want to talk to somebody, maybe ask more specific questions. You’re listening to the Frankie Boyer show. 

Once again. Here’s your host Frankie Boyer. And welcome back. It is Frankie Boyer and Geoff Melcher is our guests today. We’re doing a free book. This. You know, Geoff, I have truly believed that candida left to its own devices is the reason we have so many illnesses and itises and deaths in this country.

It is the hidden culprit behind everything. Don’t you think? I really do believe that. Absolutely. And we even took it a step further and wanted to look at what were maybe some of those misdiagnosis that, that we know candida was the cause. And we see that allergies, arthritis, depression, old age, uh, chronic fatigue, influenza, fibromyalgia, irritable, bowel syndrome, all of these things.

We, we, the doctors, the people out there, the research is saying, this is the problem we’re actually able. And it’s talked about in that free book. And we, we we’re able to look and see that really the root cause is Candida. That’s, that’s manifesting in these other things that we then apply different items in.

You have the ability to get rid of candida with. Changing anything you’re doing by boosting your immune system. Hear me on this. You can get rid of candida without changing your diet. Now, if you do any research, you will see it, you change everything the only way to get rid of it. But we know if we get your immune system up and functioning to where it should be, it’s going to eliminate Candide.

That’s powerful. And you have that very powerful. So let’s talk about who is more susceptible to candida. Is it all of us? Everyone is affected. There are varying, uh, you know, different populations will. Absolutely. If you’re taking antibiotics regularly, that is a huge, you’re killing your guts. And we know that’s where candy to come from.

Women across the board are more susceptible than men. And we do have an actual questionnaire that you can find it’s under our research tab at eastparkresearch.com and that’s free as well. And it asked you about 60 questions and it will give you the score. And what’s, what’s amazing is you can take that score and you can see where you’re at with the research that we did in the, in the free book that you can download and you can kind of see, and it gives you recommendations and what you can do to take control.

You don’t have to go out and go to a doctor. You do have the ability to, to get your immune system today. And so lots of people are susceptible. Women by far are more susceptible than men.

Do we know why. Um, there’s, there’s lots of specifics that may go down, uh, with the reason why, uh, I do know it, it has a lot to do with UTI eyes, um, and the different digestive problems that can come along with that. It, that seems to be the precursor that allows this candy to go. And so that’s why there’s a generalized assumption that females across the board will, will, are more susceptible to candida.

So I just want to share it’s it’s not a, a fun story, but it’s a true story, but, but not fun years ago, I had a, um, I did a, a, um, a colon cleanse and I was told that my body had so much candy to that was at least 20 to 30 years old. And so I was shocked, absolutely shocked, but this is the problem is that this candida goes back a lot of years and it it’s like, it just doesn’t go anywhere.

How, tell us a little bit about that. Yeah. It lives in, stays in it’s a fungus. I mean it’s, unless you get it all the way completely removed, there’s still living cells in there. And once it gets the food it needs, and you talked about this it’s, it’s all of the processed foods that we’re eating is really the main corporate to this.

It starts getting it in, you’re feeding this Candido and then it starts to go in it. Starts at bringing down your immune system and then you start to have these ailments come up. And it’s only when we start seeing nail problems. It’s only when candida starts manifesting externally that we go, oh, well maybe all these other issues are actually from Candida.

Maybe that was really the cause. And in our book that we talk about 42% of people are able to eliminate. Major symptoms, major symptoms of candida in less than 60 days, 60 days. This is candida. That’s been going on in your body for almost your entire life. And we can knock out those symptoms. I’ll give you a case.

Study somebody with an 80% overgrowth, took them six months and we drew blood. But at the end of six months, we were able to look and say, Hey, Candida has gone from your body. Kibbe your immune system. Unbelievable. All we did was give your immune system, the boost. It needs with the linearly, our all of leaf extract, which is different than many of the olive leaf extracts being sold in the market.

Okay. I want to, I want to go back for just a moment, because you were S you were saying, this is really important that it goes back years, that it’s a fungus. So many people need to understand that the way in which our foods are processed, many of the foods that we eat today, so that the cravings, I want to go back to the cravings, because this is the important part of the story.

Those cravings are not necessarily your doing those cravings are the yeast in your body, talking to other parts of your brain saying, feed me, feed me, feed me. So when you think that you’re craving something, you’re not going crazy, but it’s not really you craving. It’s your body wanting to feed this candida

complicated story. Absolutely. And, and it’s, and it, it really is important to know that because you know, so many times we feel, we feel like we’re, we’re not good enough or we’re, oh, you know, there there’s a problem where it’s something we should do. And we don’t realize that there’s this underlying cause.

And it is, it is controlling you let it go long enough. It is controlling and we can mask the symptoms, but getting to the cause and getting to the solution side is what makes it so powerful. And that’s the dilemma that’s in. And please, please, please, please. My grandfather started this to try to save one person’s life and we are trying to live this legacy on by providing information to you for free so that you can go in read and understand what may be happening in your body and what you can do to help fix that.

And if you go to candida deal.com, you’ll be able to download it right there and you’ll be able to start the journey. The journey of taking back control, getting your immune system to the level it should be. And not only with candida, we just went through a pandemic. Isn’t it very interesting that people with a strong immune system had little to no symptoms.

And that’s because your immune system is the only thing. The only thing that can kill a virus, the only thing, getting your immune system to the level it needs to be is more important now than maybe ever. And you can attack candida today. So as we get ready for break, and we are getting up to the, to the time when we have to take a break, this is the thing, this is very complicated.

There are a lot of questions. Lot of questions, many of them are about the cravings. Many of them are when you wake up in the morning, do you feel more tired than when you went to bed? How many of you wake up with that lethargic feeling? This Candide, it takes over the body in a very subtle and insidious way, and you may not even be aware of it.

So get the free book, read about this, read about how this form of all of leaf is so powerful that it can kill the candida. And Geoff, give us the details. Yeah, go to candida deal.com. You’ll be able to download the book. If you want to talk to somebody directly, you can give us a call at (800) 656-8687. And we walked through the beginning where candy that came from how the current Western medicine is dealing with it.

Some of our reports and then our, our study that we actually did on real. Yeah, absolutely. We’ll be back with more. We have a lot more to talk about Geoff Melcher is here. Frankie Boyer. 

We’re talking about a subject that is near and dear to me, my mentor, the great Burton gold. And he was an extraordinary human being, the Dean of, of whole person living the Dean of holistic living the Dean of alternative medicine. And he would say, you know, Frankie, there’s something that we don’t, we don’t understand if you think that that cupcake, that pint of ice cream, that you just ate, that you can’t stop.

If you think that’s not going to come back and haunt you wrong, wrong, it doesn’t ever go away. And so Geoff, Melcher welcome back and I’m hearing an echo. Geoff are you there? I’m here. Okay, good, good, good. I don’t know where I’m heading. I’m hearing Joe. Maybe you can fix the, I can help you out too a little bit.

Well, well, Joe’s working on that. You know, some of the things we had talked about just before the break is, is how, you know, some of these subtle symptoms, actually, we, we think are something else. You have the cravings of the cupcake, all these little things. And we know waking up in the morning, being that lethargic that that can tie back to Candida waking up and, and having the aches and pains, digestive problems.

How many people have digestive problems? Oh my gosh. And is it that cupcake? Well, it, it stays with you. It’s, it’s feeding this candy. We’re getting, we’re getting memory loss goes down. These are all these little subtle things that we quote unquote say are old age, but they may actually be the root cause from candy to,

you know, I, Geoff, I just want to go back to what Burton Burton said, because Burton was a very wise man and he knew he knew that there was something in the sugar. So let’s go back to the sugar of what it really does, the evil of the sugar and why everybody talks about this as the inflammation.

Yeah. So I mean, sugar is breaking down right in the body and it’s, and it’s being this, this catalyst across the board in sugars are easier to add. We we’ve become so sensitive to wanting things, to taste a certain way from our drinks to our foods and that going into the body. It’s, it’s just the, the beginning of the catalyst all the way through and Frankie, you, you know, more about it than most people.

So when you, when you start talking about this olive leaf extract and the power and your grandfather, talk to you about it from biblical times, let’s go, let’s go to that part of the story as well. Yeah. So, you know, you, you, you look at biblical times and you can even go back even further in history. And in all of branch, as most people know is a sign of friendship and peace, but where does that stem from?

It actually stemmed all the way back from ancient Egypt. And what would happen is you would get sick and someone would bring you in all of branch with leaves on them. They would chew on the leaves and spit it out to on the leaves and spit it out. And now what we know is the therapeutics of the. Work for a very short period of time.

And then you fast-forward utilize the information biblical times going well, the olive tree is a tree of life. We, we, we now take the information for major needs on we know it’s, it’s helping eliminate fungus viruses and bacteria pathogens in the body. Fast forward to the eighties and nineties, where we’re now taking some of our research in and figuring out how to crack the code in hiding those, those properties so that they can be later digested.

And we can have those same therapeutics that are two to 20 minutes. Now they’re lasting seven to eight hours, and that’s why we have delightfully it’s are all of leaf extracts. We have a patented extraction process to allow for a longer absorption of these components that we know are boosting your immune system.

You hear a lot about T-cells and B-cells and pH cells and the receptors. And those are all fancy words for making sure your immune system is working properly. In what we know with clinical double blind studies, peer reviewed research that are in medical journals is that we’re able to go. And boost your immune system on this cellular level.

If you think about your white blood cells, as Pac-Man, Pac-Man goes around and eats up the different viruses and the fungus, the bacteria, the pathogens, anything that shouldn’t be in the body when your immune system is strong enough that eats these things up, gets rid of it and you stay healthy when it’s not your body’s.

Yeah, that’s when we had that’s when we had healthy soil, that’s when we could actually get nutrients from the soil and those minerals that are no longer in store. You’re the second you go and manipulate the genes of our food, where instead of producing five years of corn for a plot of soil, now you’re producing 50 won’t phase.

They’re not adding more nutrients. Those same nutrients are just being divided. The 50 instead of five. That’s where we’re seeing this problem.

Absolutely. Absolutely. And it’s a big problem and I don’t know who you are, but even as a child, I don’t know about how you grew up, but my, my late mother did the best she could. She didn’t understand that captain crunch was not a good thing. A good choice for breakfast. Everyone thought it was it breakfast.

That’s what you weight captain car, you ate cereals. She didn’t get that. The snacks that we were eating, never dissolved Twinkie. Doesn’t dissolve. So. Where do you think all those chemicals that we were consuming as kids, where did they go then to add insult? We start using antibiotics like their candy, and then we start to erode our own natural ability to fight disease.

And that’s where the problem. And, and that’s where all the problems begin. Geoff, don’t you think they, they really do in, in every time we, we try to mask or we put a bandaid, we put a bandaid on something you’re, you’re, you’re hurting your body in the long run. You really, really are hurting your body in the long run.

The idea of going in, searching for natural approaches. To get your body the way it used to be. And we don’t even have to go that far back. Our immune systems are far worse than they were even 50 years ago. Look at expiration dates on food. Now, expiration dates they’re there. They’re shortening more and more and more because people’s immune system, aren’t strong enough to fight back.

We need to have refrigerators forever to be able to eat any sort of food. Even if it wasn’t rancid and you know how they’d fix it, they’d add more spices. That’s why Lauren climates have spicy foods because they added spices to cover the rents. And nothing happened to those people. Why it’s the old adage?

Use it or lose it. If we’re not using our immune system, we’re losing. Start using your immune system, get it back to what it needs to be. So you don’t have to go and use the antibiotics and use other items. You can get your immune system to a level that you can take on anything the world puts in front of you.

And the first step, the first step, whether it be with candida or anything else is going and getting information, become educated, go to candy, to deal.com. Download the free book. It talks about candida, but it talks about the power of delineate. It talks about what it’s going to do in your body. Starting on day one.

Now remember. These things happen over a long period of time. Your immune system didn’t get compromised overnight, but we can start rebuilding it overnight. Step one, become educated step to take an action. Whatever that may be. I’m going to highly recommend you look at a product that’s been around for 25 plus years, a product that’s been tested specifically, not taking other people’s research, doing their own research.

That’s where my grandfather started the company. That’s where he wanted to share it. And then you, you take that step and you get yourself diligently, all of leaf extract from east park, which is different, which is different. Their proprietary blend is different, and that’s why they can say that candida can be stopped in its tracks, but you need to read about it.

Become educated. We have to take a quick break and give out the phone number and the website as we go to break real quick, Geoff. Yeah, Candido deal.com. You’ll be able to download your free book directly from your phone or your computer. If you want to call to talk to a specialist specifically, give us a call (800) 656-8687.

And we’d love to walk through the journey with you and we’ll be back in just a moment. Stay tuned. 

Welcome back. It is Frankie. Terrible you CRN, WAC E and double U a D K. Okay. So let’s talk to, let’s talk to the, the implications of this story of candida and the free book is candida. Go ahead and give it can DDA candida deal, D E l.com.

And the title of the book is an easy remedies for the misdiagnosed east epidemic and it’s Candidadeal.com. And what about someone wants to know counter indications? If you’re on blood thinners, especially. Yeah. Great question color. Um, you know, E there, the contrary indications really are anything that someone is taking, uh, some sort of prescribed medication that’s designed to suppress your immune system.

And, and yes, there are medications out there that are literally designed to suppress your immune system, um, specifically, uh, for the color we’re going to always recommend you go call your primary care call, call the prescription line. They always have some sort of line, and all you need to do is say this.

I want to take a, a supplement. That’s going to boost my immune system. Is there any reason why I can’t do that? And they’ll be able to say yes or no, because the history and, and all of your medical files, that that’s just something I’m not privy to. Right. And so just make that quick phone call to double check, but I will say the contraindications are minimal.

Um, the, the other, other really big one is if you are going through, uh, uh, cancer treatment, uh, radiation therapy specifically. The linearly and here, this is so powerful. It will actually negate everything that’s going through with that cancer treatment. So we know and have them at the same time, because it will boost your immune system so strong that it will eliminate that cancer treatment.

So you have to make sure if you’re on some sort of prescribed medication or you’re taking a lot of settlements, run it by your primary care. It doesn’t hurt to ask in and know this. It’s all about getting the right information and asking those questions. That’s why we’re giving you this free book.

Candidadeal.com. That’s why we want to I’m here and here. Okay, good. Good. Yeah. I heard you. I heard you. It was just a little skip there. Okay. So again, to reiterate the bottom line is that if you are craving foods, chain. Is it your fault? No, come on. You got to give your body what it needs to heal itself, and don’t feel bad about those cravings.

Don’t feel bad about waking up with those pains. Don’t feel bad with that memory loss know that we can tie all of that back to candida and you can go get your free book and start that journey today. Candidadeal.com. It’s going to walk you through it. It’s going to let you know that you can take a questionnaire.

We are giving you the tools and resources to take control of your life again. And it’ll walk you through the protocols on what you, what some recommendations to help you solve your problem with where your at and the great thing is. You can come back and watch your progress over time. Yes, that’s the beauty.

That’s the beauty. That’s the beauty part. That is really the part that, of this story. It would be one thing to give you the story without, without giving you some, some options. We’ve had enough of being told what to do in this country. Now let’s talk about the options. Let’s talk about once and for all getting our immune system back.

We’re not, you know, we’re not sitting, we’re not sitting ducks. We have control. We have control over what happens to our body. But when you allow, it’s like allowing, it’s like opening up the flood gates and allowing everybody to go and play in a room that was not designed for kids to play in. And then when you come back, the worm is a mess.

Dishes are broken. It looks like, oh my gosh, what happened here? Well, that’s, what’s happening with the it’s having its way with you and you’re allowing it. Stop it. Stop it. Now you have an alternative, you have choices, we would love to walk through your personal journey with you just know this is about getting you information. This is about walking hand in hand to allow you to take that first step. And if you want to, the first step is get the book. The easy remedy for the misdiagnosed east epidemic. 90% of Americans are going to have this issue.

Start your journey today at CandidaDeal.com or call (800) 656-8687. How long does it take Geoff for the candy to how long? About how. Yeah, it really depends on your score. Um, with that candy, the questionnaire, most people will see amazing results within the first 30 to 60 days, um, majorly severe. And I’m talking where it’s, it’s presenting extent externally, whether it be on your nails or, or what have you, that can take up to six months.

But one thing I never told you is we guarantee our product. We guarantee that you will see the results you are looking for, or the entire protocol is refunded. Not the last bottle, not the two bottles, the entire protocol. If you go on this, because you are so. And you go six months and you are not seeing significant results.

We refund the entire six months in that was something my grandfather instilled in 1995. And we’re doing it today, still doing today because are here to partner with you.

That is so amazing. That is so, so extraordinary. It’s absolutely extraordinary. We only have a few minutes left with Geoff. Geoff, we’ll be back. Um, this is going to be an ongoing conversation for the next few months where we’re starting this, this campaign to educate people. We want you to not have the cravings.

We want you to, to be able to lose the weight, get rid of the brain fog, get rid of the numbness, get rid of the, the aches and the pains. This candy. If left to its own devices is devastating, devastating to the immune system, into the body. And it’s stubborn. It doesn’t want you to heal. It wants to want you to continue to feed it.

What it wants. It wants what it wants when it wants it. It’s like a spoiled child. And so what you’re doing is taking back the control of your body. And for those of you that say, oh, I didn’t want that piece of bread, Frankie. I swear to you. I didn’t want that. We get it. We understand that’s why Geoff is offering you this free book.

So you can read all about it. Candidadeal.com candida deal.com. And if you want to call, go ahead and give out that phone number please (800) 656-8687. To walk through this journey with you. Absolutely. Absolutely.

One of the things that we as Americans know is how to persevere and when there is a trouble, something troubling going on in the world, we’re right there for aid we’re right there to help. Now. It’s time to help yourself. Your body is screaming. Help me, help me, help me. Candidadeal.com may have the answer.

It just might have the answer for you. And I, I just want people to understand that there is hope and so much opportunity to, to, to feel, to feel good, again, to be able to walk into spring and summer feeling terrific. And maybe even losing those extra few pounds, who knows, who knows Geoff? Right. Hey, I always love the positive benefits of giving your immune, getting your immune system strong.

And one of those benefits we do see weight loss. We do see an overall health. We see blood pressure start to be normalized. Oh, it runs by getting your absolutely. We are out of time. Thank you so much, Geoff. And thank all of you. Another edition of the Frankie Boyer show. For w CRN, WAC and w a D K. Thanks for listening.

Make it a great day, everybody. And as always smile.

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