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Seasonal Flu, Covid and Other Viruses in 2022

After two years of lockdowns, mask-wearing and vaccines, it looks like covid-19 is here to stay and be ‘managed’ rather than eradicated altogether. Just like influenza and the common cold, covid has become one of the viruses that we can unknowingly be exposed to at any time.

While these viral infections can be deadly, the lockdowns can’t last forever. Now we must take preventive methods so that we can live life feeling more confident about your health.


Masks: to wear or not to wear?

There has been much debate about the effectiveness of wearing masks and the affects of wearing masks for long periods as many workers have had to do.

However, studies do show that wearing a mask does help prevent the spread of covid-19, flu and other seasonal viruses. The benefit of that far outweighs the effects of wearing the mask. Just ensure your mask is clean and changed regularly.

Influenza and other seasonal viruses are expected to be on the rise due to reduced mask mandates in the U.S. However, the choice is each to their own and even though masks may no longer be mandatory in some places, it’s your own personal choice. If helps to feel more comfortable when out in public or enclosed spaces, and helps prevent spread of viruses, then do what feels right for you.

With that said, relying on masks forever is not the answer either…especially with the environmental waste it is causing with disposable masks.

How about if our own body was like a shield of protection against viruses? Of course, no one is invisible. But we do come equipped with a pretty cool built-in virus fighting system…And there are ways to strengthen it.


Natural protection against seasonal flu, covid and other viruses

According to the CDC, peak flu season in the U.S is around December to February, but activity can last as late as May. And from the cases so far, covid-19 is also slower during the summer months but is still an ever-present threat for those with a low immune system.

This is why it is important to find a natural way to protect yourself against seasonal viruses, regardless of the season!

There are various natural ways to strengthen that in built virus fighting system – your immune system. Here are some of the best ways to strengthen your immune system to protect yourself when pathogens do try to invade:



Imagine trying to go to battle without any sleep, it would be too exhausting to carry on for long. The same happens with your immune system. Without adequate sleep, your immune system becomes weakened, and it becomes harder to carry on fighting incoming viruses.

It may be tempting to turn to sleep medication for a good night’s kip, but they can also have other unwanted side effects. Try bringing your overall ‘vibe’ down to a slower pace with the help of binaural beats and some breathing exercises to help you drift off into a deeper slumber.



Stress suppresses the immune system. Fact. If we live with high stress (or fear) for long periods, our systems will become burnt out. Of course, stress is a natural part of life and can never be completely avoided, but the key is to know how to manage stress before it manifests into physical symptoms, or before it suppresses the immune system too much.

Natural stress relief methods include walking, breathing exercises, yoga, music, a relaxing bath, puzzles and creativity.



No one wants to hear what not to eat. Don’t worry, we’re not about to reel off a bunch of what not to-dos. But there are a few things you CAN add to your diet that will be powerful for protecting yourself against seasonal viruses and help you recover quicker if you do experience symptoms.

The first is to take a natural antiviral supplement to aid immune health. The most effective is olive leaf extract which contains a natural antiviral and antibacterial compound called oleuropein. Adding this to your intake of nutrients is one of the easiest ways to help protect yourself from seasonal viruses.



Toxins can sneak their way into our body in a plethora of ways. Luckily our body does a pretty fantastic job of detoxing naturally through urine. However, if we are exposed to many toxins every day, it can be overwhelming for our system. When this happens, our body is so busy trying to get rid of the toxins that it barely has chance to fight off incoming pathogens.

Toxins can be found in things like cigarette smoke, pollution, chemical products, and even some processed foods. You can aid your natural detox system by ensuring you drink plenty of water and choosing natural products and foods where possible.



Seasonal flu, covid and other viruses may remain prevalent throughout the year, but strengthening your immune system with the simple steps above will help to protect you against them.

If you want an additional helping hand, you can always count on d-Lenolate Cold & Flu supplements with olive leaf extract, neem leaf extract and echinacea for extra protection and fast relief from symptoms. It is 100% natural and one of the most convenient ways to strengthen your immune system.


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