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What is Olive Leaf Extract Good For?

The olive tree has been a symbol of life, representing feelings of peace, health, stability and tranquillity since ancient times. From the fruit to the leaf and even the bark, every part of the olive tree can be used holistically.

What is olive leaf extract good for?

Olives are often talked about for their health benefits, but the leaves of the olive tree are a powerhouse of natural goodness for your whole body, inside and out.

This article covers everything you need to know, including the benefits of olive leaf extract, side effects and how to choose the best one for your specific needs.


What exactly is olive leaf extract?

Simply put, olive leaf extract is the result of taking all the good nutrients from the olive leaves, and making it into an easily digestible form. Olive leaf extract’s fascinating history dates back to ancient Egypt where they would chew on the leaves to receive its medicinal benefits.

The Egyptians also recognized its power for beauty and skincare, and they were the first to start using olive leaves and oil in soaps and cosmetics.

Through time, the olive leaves have been used in many different ways including tonics, teas, powders and ointments. Now, olive leaf extract is usually taken via an organic all-natural supplement.


Olive leaf extract vs olive oil

You may be familiar with the antioxidant properties of olive oil and the benefits of the olive fruit, but when extracted the right way, olive leaves are the most medicinal part of the tree. containing a powerful compound called oleuropein among other healthy nutrients.

This compound is what gives olives its bitter pungent taste when eaten straight from the tree. However, once the olives are marinated to lose the bitterness, they also lose the medicinal oleuropein. Extra virgin oil however does contain some oleuropein, that’s why high-quality extra virgin olive oil has a slightly bitter taste.

But when we compare olive leaf extract to olive oil, olive leaf extract will always win for oleuropein content when extracted correctly. Furthermore, olive leaf extract is far more versatile than olive oil and it can be used in many different ways. With the olive oil, you would have to consume much more of it to get the same benefits and it’s not as easy as olive leaf extract to use or consume.

 olive oil vs olive leaf extract

Health benefits of olive leaf extract

Even though olive leaf extract has been used for health benefits for thousands of years, the first time a clinical application was developed was in 1995. And it all started with a race to save one life. It was then that East Park Research’s olive leaf extract was named d-Lenolate and the patented formula became available for the first time.

The health benefits of olive leaf extract are well documented for strengthening the immune system and defending against bacterial and viral infection. But when people ask us, what is olive leaf extract good for, we know its benefits are incredibly wide. We regularly hear from our customers on how they use it for many things from tooth infections to eliminating shingles, keeping colds at bay, and so much more.


Let’s look at some of the top health benefits of olive leaf extract:


Fighting Infectious diseases (HIV, E. coli, Herpes, West Nile Virus, etc.)

Aside from its potent antioxidant properties that help to heal cell damage, the oleuropein and the main metabolite, hydroxytyrosol in olive leaf extract has been shown to be effective inhibitors of the HIV virus and stop its ability to replicate in the body. Olive leaf extract also works with the white blood cells to strengthen the immune system and fight other infectious diseases including E. coli, herpes, West Nile Virus and malaria.


Preventing and reducing viral infections such as colds, flu and covid

Since olive leaf extract benefits the entire immune system, it works as a great prevention against common viruses such as colds, flu and coronaviruses. You can also take olive leaf extract when you feel the first signs of a cold or flu coming on to help lessen the symptoms and recover faster. When microorganisms enter the body, olive leaf extracts works to eliminate them before they settle. Olive leaf extract can also be used to help with viral infections that cause rashes such as shingles.


Relief from bacterial infections

Olive leaf extract’s strong ability to fight pathogens means that it can be used for a variety of bacterial infections such as sinus infections, insect bites, tooth and gum infections, animal bites, grazes and many more. It’s not a one fix for all, but the natural antibacterial qualities, makes olive leaf extract good for many types of bacterial infections. This is because the oleuropein molecules in your stomach coverts into elenolic acid which happens to be extremely effective at killing bacteria in your system.


Olive leaf extract vs antibiotics

Olive leaf extract is often described as one of nature’s antibiotics as it kills bacteria, and one question we receive is, does it also kill the good bacteria as one of olive leaf extract side effects?

Unlike over-the-counter antibiotics, olive leaf extract supports the immune system by fighting bad bacteria, rather than wiping out the gut bacteria system. With traditional antibiotics you would need to take a stronger one if they don’t clear the infection, but with olive leaf extract it works all the time, our bodies don’t build resistance to it because it works in a different way. Antibiotics have their place, but are not always the answer.

If you are concerned for gut health or you are already experiencing any issues, you may want to look into 100% all-natural olive leaf extract with aloe vera for that added support for your gut health.


Fungal infections

Aside from bacterial and viral infections, olive leaf extract is also a powerful solution for preventing and eliminating fungal infections like candida overgrowth. Candida is a natural part of our digestive system, but if there is any disruption to our normal balance, this yeast will start to multiply and cause an overgrowth. This then causes an immune response and if not suppressed, it can lead to autoimmune responses which can cause other health issues and be harder to control.

Luckily, olive leaf extract works well for yeast infections, candida overgrowths and even molds in the body. Studies show that in the presence of oleuropein, the cultivation of c. albicans (candida) was significantly inhibited. Symptoms of a candida overgrowth may include sinus infections, digestive issues, and even joint pain.


Treat and prevent arthritis

As a natural anti-inflammatory, olive leaf extract is known to be effective at preventing and treating the most common types of arthritis. The powerful compounds inside olive leaf extract help to reduce swelling, ease pain, improve joint tissue strength and prevent the production of the painful cytokine protein. Cytokines are inflammatory proteins that have been linked to the development of rheumatoid arthritis and are commonly found with osteoarthritis.

Although arthritis is commonly associated with older people, it can affect people of all ages. Prevention methods to stop the progression involve reducing inflammation, gentle movements to avoid joint swelling, and strengthening the surrounding tissues. Organic olive leaf extract supports all of these methods to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, leaving you to move more freely and comfortably.


Lower cholesterol and blood pressure

The ‘bad’ cholesterol in our body is known as LDL, and over the years the levels of LDL in your body can build up in the arteries causing health concerns. Olive leaf extract has been shown to lower the bad cholesterol in the body, increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure. This in turn reduces the risk of conditions such as heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of morality across the world, and much of it starts with this accumulation of bad cholesterols. The oleuropein in olive leaf extract helps to excrete the LDL cholesterol and increase the good HDL cholesterol.


What is olive leaf extract good for besides health?

Apart from its long list of health benefits, olive leaf extract is also good for cosmetic uses. Let’s look at how olive leaf extract can be good for the hair and skin

olive leaf extract soap bar


To benefit the skin, olive leaf extract can be taken internally or externally. When taken orally, you can support the entire body’s immune cells and ability to function correctly with less inflammation and less toxins. This shows up in the skin since our skin reflects our overall health.

When applied topically, olive leaf extract acts like a free radical scavenger for your skin. Free radicals can lower your immune systems effectiveness and cause the cells to disfunction. Too many free radicals in the body causes oxidative stress. We see the effects of this in premature aging or health and skin conditions. Olive leaf extract neutralizes the free radicals in the body with its antioxidant properties and lowers oxidative stress.

Many of our customers have seen significant improvements with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis after taking olive leaf extract. Just like the ancient Egyptians, we too leverage the benefits of the olive leaf inside organic, all-natural soap bars for daily cleansing. The olive leaf soap bar acts as a gentle antibacterial and antioxidant, leaving the skin glowing and healthy.



You may be wondering, is olive leaf extract good for hair too? Yes, it is! Not only does it nourish the hair and leave it feeling silky soft, olive leaf extract is also good for a healthy scalp and healthy hair follicles.

For example, using a shampoo with olive leaf extract will allow the benefits of the olive leaf extract to absorb into the hair cells and skin cells on the scalp, gently removing any dirt or yeast build up and easing conditions like dandruff.

Always choose an organic, all-natural shampoo with olive leaf extract so that the ingredients are bioavailable, and your cells know exactly how to work with them. Sometimes our shampoo and conditioner can be the very things causing scalp and hair issues.


Are there any olive leaf extract side effects?

Pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungals, often come with unwanted side effects. The beauty of olive leaf extract is that it is a natural substance and there are no known contraindications from taking it.


Which olive leaf extract is best?

When it comes to purchasing olive leaf extract, either online or at the store, the first thing you may notice is the sheer choice available. Which one should you choose, which one will be best for you?

Not all olive leaf extract is made equally. Oftentimes, the extraction process itself is where much of the delicate polymers are lost. That’s why d-Lenolate’s patented extraction process has been a popular choice for over 25 years due to its reliable, trusted formula and extraction process. We use the same high-quality olive leaf extract for our supplements, topical, hair and skin care products.

When choosing the right one for you, keep in mind that stronger oleuropein content does not always mean better quality. Look for olive leaf extract with around 20% oleuropein and organic for best results.

Now you know what is olive leaf extract good for, you can choose the supplement or topical form, use it in shampoo, conditioner, and soap, depends on what benefits you are looking to achieve. The main thing is choosing one that is all-natural and free from any artificial ingredients or contaminants.



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