Is Olive Leaf Extract Good for Hair?

You may have heard about the health and beauty benefits of olive oil, but did you know that the leaves of the olive tree also contain powerful properties for skin, hair, and overall health?

Not to be confused with olive oil, which is made from the fruits of the olive tree, the leaves also contain over 100 phytochemicals and nutritional compounds that directly help the skin and hair.

Many of these nutritional compounds are lost in the process of brining and marinating olives to get rid of their bitter taste. That bitter taste is due to a potent medicinal compound called oleuropein, which makes olives impossible to eat raw. The leaves however are also rich in oleuropein and other nutrients which are then carefully extracted through our patented method.

What makes olive leaf extract good for hair?

Olive leaf extract is often added to hair care products, not just for its powerful benefits, but because its versatile composition helps to enhance the effects of the other natural ingredients.

These are the key benefits of using natural products infused with high-quality olive leaf extract:


Reduces dandruff

If you experience a dry, flaky scalp, the first thing to consider is what types of products you use for hair care. There are many reasons for dandruff to occur including bacteria, fungi, and sensitivity to products, so it is important not to irritate it further. Olive leaf extract is a natural antifungal and antimicrobial, so including this in your shampoo and conditioner is a gentle way to cleanse, reduce inflammation and promote healing of the scalp.


Helps hair growth

Healthy hair growth starts from the follicle. Over time, our cells accumulate free radicals that cause signs of ageing in hair such as thinning, slower growth, or less new growth. The antioxidants in olive leaf extract work powerfully to combat these signs of ageing, giving you more lustrous, stronger, and more youthful hair. When studied in mice, olive leaf extract demonstrated the ability to increase both the size and number of hair follicles.


Helps repair damage

Our hair is usually exposed to many damaging environmental and lifestyle factors including the sun, pollution, and heat styling.  This can leave the scalp and ends of the hair feeling dry and brittle. By using a shampoo and conditioner with olive leaf extract, you will help to neutralize the free radicals and reduce damage to the hair and scalp. The oleuropein inside olive leaf extract acts as a natural sunblock to help prevent the skin and hair from UV radiation and pollution.


Protects against microbes

Olive leaf extract is famous for containing natural antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. For your hair, olive leaf extract shampoo and conditioner helps to eliminate the main types of fungi known to damage the condition of the hair, skin, and nails. If you have any damaged skin or flaky scalp, it makes it easier for bacteria and microbes to enter the hair follicle and cause irritation. Olive leaf extract helps to give that added layer of protection as you clean your hair, killing any infectious dermatophytes as you go.


Silky smooth hair

With olive leaf extract, you get all the benefits of olive oil, but without the oiliness. Using organic olive leaf extract shampoo helps to protect and balance the PH level of your scalp, whilst regulating natural moisture production. This means whether you have dry hair or oily hair, olive leaf extract shampoo and conditioner helps to replenish and regulate the follicles for smoother, fuller, stronger hair.


These are just some of the benefits of olive leaf extract shampoo. If you use a 100% natural formula such as the Oliverd’e® Shampoo and Conditioner, you get all the benefits of olive leaf extract alongside Witch Hazel extract and natural plant proteins, leaving you with noticeable results from the first wash.

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