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Top 10 Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract for Skin and Hair

Olive leaf extract is one of nature’s most versatile supplements and has been used in medicine and cosmetics for centuries. Today we are rounding up the top 10 benefits of olive leaf extract for your skin and hair, and why it works.

Whether you choose to take olive leaf extract as a supplement, or you use it directly onto your skin and hair, the potent plant power gets to work right away.


Top 5 benefits of olive leaf extract for skin and hair

Provides cellular nutrition

When taken internally as an organic supplement, olive leaf extract provides deep cellular nutrition. The condition of our skin and hair is intricately linked to our diet, so taking olive leaf extract is a great way to give yourself a boost from the inside out.


Reduces split ends and fly-aways 

Olive leaf extract shampoo and conditioner makes an amazing treatment for thin, brittle hair. The rich compounds inside olive leaf extract strengthen from the follicles to the ends, so your hair is less likely to split.


Eliminates dandruff

Dandruff can appear for several reasons including fungal infections, lifestyle, and sensitivity to products. Not only does olive leaf extract help to eliminate fungal infections, it also regulates oil production to prevent dry flaky scalp.


Neutralizes the PH level

Olive leaf extract shampoo and conditioner is pH balancing, helping to soothe the scalp and ends of the hair which may be damaged by colors, heat, products, and pollution. This gives hair the opportunity to grow and repair itself without harsh chemicals.


Encourages hair growth

Our hair growth cycles are impacted by a number of factors including age, genetics, hormones, and diet. When studied in mice, olive leaf extract was found to increase both the size and the number of hair follicles, leading to more growth of thicker, fuller hair.


Heals and protects the skin

Using olive leaf extract topically helps to relieve skin irritation while stabilizing and repairing the skin tissue. Ensure you use a high-quality topical olive leaf extract for skincare to promote natural tissue recovery.


Helps skin conditions and infections

One of the most notable benefits of olive leaf extract for the skin is its ability to reduce uncomfortable skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, and chronic skin diseases. The oleuropein inside olive leaf extract helps to control the production of bacteria on skin, and fight fungal infections.


Relieves skin inflammation

The nutrient-rich d-Lenolate olive leaf extract penetrates deeply into the third layer of the skin. As a natural anti-inflammatory, topical olive leaf extract calms the skin cells to soothe irritation and allow faster healing. As since it is also a natural antibacterial, it helps to prevent pimples from infected hair follicles.


Tones and firms the skin

Olive leaf extract is high in antioxidants to assist your body with reducing free radicals that cause signs of ageing. When used topically, olive leaf extract hydrates the skin cells to give a lasting, youthful glow. You can experience the firming benefits of olive leaf extract when used in gentle skin cleansing soap.

Gives luster to skin and hair

For an extra boost of luster for the skin and hair, use olive leaf extract in your products. It increases glossiness of the hair and reduces frizz, leaving you with silkier, smoother locks. Olive leaf extract is also rich in vitamin E which is renowned for improving skin condition and adding luster.


These are just some of the benefits of olive leaf extract for skin and hair. The best part is, it is d-Lenolate olive leaf extract products are 100% natural and scientifically backed, so you know you are giving your hair and skin the best nutrients every time you use them.

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