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Increased Energy and Natural Hormonal Balance for Men

It’s a common belief that only women experience hormone issues or symptoms related to imbalanced hormones, but men do too! Although, men’s and women’s hormones seem very different, we actually have the same hormones, just different levels of them, and they work in different ways. Today we are looking at hormone balance for men, because it’s an important topic for overall physical and even mental health.

Our hormones affect every part of our body, and since our body affects our mind – and vice versa – our mood, energy levels, stamina, sleep, and muscle strength are all impacted if our hormones become unbalanced.

Now, we are not talking about young hormonal teenagers here. As we age, our hormone levels start significantly reducing and this is sometimes referred to as the ‘male menopause’. This is where men aged from 40s and 50s can begin to experience more irritability, lower sex drive, and less muscle strength.

Furthermore, other levels of minerals in the body also reduces or stops completely. Indium is one of those minerals that is not found in the body after the age of around 30. It is the 49th mineral on the periodic table and an important mineral as it triggers the production of those youthful hormones.

Natural hormone balance for men

While there are many supplements for over 50s out there, rarely do they contain the minerals that can kickstart your own anti-aging system. This is because Indium is a rare mineral that helps rebalance the hormones to more youthful levels, giving you more energy, increased muscle strength and a more restful night sleep in the process. It’s often nicknamed ‘the missing miracle mineral’. This is because your body uses minerals to make hormones and enzymes.

Once this happens, it’s like a domino affect for improved health. Indium doesn’t just help our bodies to trigger its own anti-aging system, it also helps us better absorb the nutrients from the food we eat.

The more youthful balance of hormones combined with the enhanced ability to absorb nutrients gives the entire body a lasting energy boost. The muscles are able to build and retain more strength, endurance is improved, and sleep becomes more restful. Since the entire body is connected, this will also have a positive impact on the mind, mood and mental wellbeing.

But before you go off in search of Indium mineral, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Indium is a trace mineral, so we only need a very tiny amount along with a healthy diet
  • It is not water soluble, therefore it is unlikely to be found in natural food
  • Indium can be toxic if applied to open wounds or the eyes
  • Compared to other minerals like iron, indium has not been studied in as much depth, however it is on the FDA’s GRAS list (Generally Recognized as Safe), and many people have reported a variety of benefits from taking it
  • Indium sulphate is available in an all-natural supplement to assist with hormone balance for men. Take once per day for an easy and convenient way to get this trace mineral.


As you can see, the vitamins and minerals we take have a big impact on our hormones production, our youthfulness, nutritional absorption, and even things like sleep, and energy. The all-natural supplement such as Hormone Balance & Energy Men’s formula with Indium is a highly recommended solution.

Try it and let us know how you get on!



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