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Top Health Benefits and Uses for Indium Mineral

Looking to improve your health and energy levels naturally? While there is no single magic solution for everyone, there are some natural elements that have powerful benefits for our health. Indium mineral is one of them.

Today we are taking an in-depth look at Indium mineral, why it can be beneficial for our health,  uses for indium, side effects, how to take it, and how much to take…



Indium is a very soft metal found in the earth’s crust and is the 49th element on the periodic table. Just like other trace minerals such as iron and zinc, we only need very tiny amounts alongside a healthy diet.

It is not water soluble, therefore it is unlikely to be found in natural food. However, indium has been found in human body (and breastmilk) up until the age of around 25-35 years old.

It’s no coincidence that after this age, people generally start to see the accelerated effects of aging. There is a link between the lack of indium in the body after this age and the hormonal changes that follow. Several books go into great detail on this subject such as “INDIUM The Missing Trace Mineral” by Dr. Lyons.

But in short, it seems that by adding trace amounts of indium back into the biochemical processes of our body, it can slow down the aging process by restoring some of the more youthful levels of hormones.


Uses for Indium

If you tried searching the internet for ‘uses for indium’ you would likely get plenty of results about indium metal. But today we are talking about the health benefits and uses of indium mineral in trace amounts.

There are several uses for indium that benefit our health and wellbeing. Some of them surprise you! But before you go out in search of Indium, make sure you read to the end to know which types to go for, how to take it and the dosage.


Here are the top benefits and uses for indium

Hormonal balance & anti-aging

As we age, our body decreases production of hormones that give us youthful qualities. These hormones can affect everything from your skin texture and muscle tone to your sleep, mood and energy levels. Indium is important here because your body uses minerals to make hormones. Indium is often nicknamed ‘the missing miracle mineral’ because it stimulates the production of youthful hormones, slowing down and even reversing some of the aging process. That’s why Indium Energy has become known as the best anti-aging supplement.


Nutrient absorption

A balanced hormone system is an important factor for natural nutrient absorption and healthy digestion. Hormones signal your body to produce the stomach acids and enzymes required to break down your food and pass it through the intestines. This helps the body to absorb the nutrients from food we eat. Indium mineral is not found in food, therefore the only way to gain the benefits are through a natural supplement. In the book, “The Trace Elements and Man“, Dr. Henry Schroeder found that Indium supplementation increased the utilization of trace elements in the body by 142%.


Increased energy

A balanced hormonal system combined with the enhanced ability to absorb nutrients gives the entire body more energy to function. And it’s not a flash burst of energy like you would feel from perhaps a coffee or energy drink, but a general brighter feel with better endurance throughout the day. When taken alongside a healthy diet, many people have reported increased energy and less of the tired heavy feeling they used to experience.


Better quality of sleep

Speaking of feeling less tired…Indium mineral can also help with a more restful night’s sleep. As we age, the hormonal changes cause sleep changes. As we have learnt, Indium is a powerful way to retore the hormonal balance, thus improving the quality of sleep. Over-the-counter sleep remedies may do the trick, but they often come with unwanted side effects. Indium provides a more natural solution to those wakeful nights.


Improved vision

Since the body is able to better absorb nutrients from food and get a better night’s sleep after taking indium, things like vision can be become sharper. You may find less strain or tiredness from using your eyes to read, drive or work and can even reduce the number of eye related headaches . Furthermore, as the hormones are restored to more youthful levels, the eyes remain brighter and able to focus. Indium helps to restore the natural cellular process that keep our eyes, brain and body healthy. The more restful sleep also adds to the effect of improved vision and focus.


Improved memory

Our long- and short-term memories are made in the brain and are greatly affected by a number of lifestyle and environmental factors. Ever noticed that when you are stressed or tired, it’s hard to remember all the other things such as appointments or things on the to-do list. This is because the brain is busy focusing on it’s more important tasks such as recuperating or preparing to fun or fight. The same works if we don’t eat the right nutrients, our memory suffers because these nutrients have a big role memory and concentration. When we take the right vitamins and minerals, the other biochemical processes in our bodies start to function better, leading to better memory and cognitive health.  


Relief from joint discomfort

Another one of the indirect uses of indium is relief from joint pain discomfort. This is partly due to the hormonal balance and the increased nutrient absorption. It’s also due to the joints being more supported by the surrounding muscles and tissues which is another benefit of indium mineral. Many people have reported increased mobility when taking indium as the muscles are able to build and retain more strength and joint inflammation is eased. This is more noticeable as we age and the muscle tone becomes harder to maintain.



Side effects and expected results

When indium sulphate is taken in its purest form at the right dosage, you can start to feel the difference within days. But the effects are also long lasting. Since everyone is different, the exact results will vary from person to person. Indium Energy is a clinically tested pure supplement effective for all ages, but the benefits will be more noticeable in older adults, as that is when mineral levels are lower. Avoid if you are currently taking body building supplements like ‘Creatine’.


Recommended Dosage

When taking Indium Energy, just one tablet per day is sufficient to feel the benefits. And since it contains other 100% natural minerals, it’s great for people who want to take less supplements. Do not take more than the amount stated on the package or prescription, and check with your health care professional if you are taking medication, are pregnant, or breastfeeding.


How do I take Indium Energy?

Indium Energy comes in a tablet or liquid form for your convenience. It can be taken at any time of the day but will reach the bloodstream quicker when taken in the morning with food.

Now you know the main benefits and uses of indium you start to rebalance your body and health naturally. The important thing is finding the right Indium from a trusted source with a long history, so you can be assured of its quality and integrity.


Learn more about the effects of Indium over time, signs you may have a hormone imbalance and more 21 about how Indium works in our free brochure.



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