Using d-Lenolate Against Influenza & Extracellular Bacterial Infections

What is the flu (influenza)?


The common cold is a viral infection targeting the nose and throat. The infamous influenza, locally known as the flu, has similar symptoms to the cold, but often expands to include muscle aches, respiratory infections, fevers and cold sweats.

Influenza is divided into two main types, A and B, both of which are the culprits to annual flu epidemics. Distinguishing A from B depends on the genes that make up the surface proteins of the virus while subtypes of influenza A are usually the culprits that cause illness.

Every year, the CDC antigenically characterizes over 2,000 influenza viruses and makes comparisons to determine the efficacy and composition of the next flu vaccine. An ‘antigen’ is a molecular structure on the surface of viruses that the immune system recognizes and has the ability to trigger an immune response such as as antibody production. Being exposed to the virus allows the immune system to build a response against that particular virus.

D-Lenoloate is one of the few (and possibly only) antimicrobials carefully extracted from a natural source without having any known detrimental side effects. Antimicrobials are agents that kills microorganisms or stops their growth. D-Lenoloate is an agent that with the body making it effective as a flu treatment at home, using nature to rebuild in the immune system what harmful viruses have worked to destroy.

What is an Extracellular Bacterial Infection?

Extracellular bacterial pathogens do not invade cells. Instead they proliferate in the extracellular environment outside of cells which is enriched with body fluids. They can cause harm by secreting waste which are often potent toxins inside the host.

How does d-Lenolate Work Against Infections?

Studies have shown using d-Lenolate Against Influenza & Extracellular Bacterial Infections can be particularly useful as natural remedy for bacterial infections like influenza and extracellular bacterial infection as well as an effective treatment to promote healing once infection has set in. Doctor reports support the potentancy of d-Lenoloate and it’s ability to heal the body beyond many pharmaceutical competitors.

One such report is revealed by Director of Critical Care Services, medical doctor Barret A. McCartney who cites the ability of d-Lenoloate to restore a patient with a blood borne infection to full health who was prescribed two d-Lenoloate ‘s every four hours. His near-miraculous recovery was credited to the extract and the patient was taken off oxygen support and had a normal temperature within a few days. There are also several first hand patient reports with similar successes relating to overwhelming infections in the body being relieved by d-Lenoloate.

Part of the healing abilities of d-Lenolate are derived from it being a natural nutraceutical, a standardized pharmaceutical grade nutrient. D-Lenoloate is a nutrient extracted from olive leaves that works with the body to bring wellness and healing effects. Studies conducted by professionals revealed that d-Lenolate enhanced the restoration of white blood cells to the normal level which then protected against bacterial infection.

Aside from giving powerful protection from infection, d-Lenoloate has been shown to be an enhancer to recovery post infection. Scientific testing has shown that d-Lenolate helps rid the body of disease-causing pathogens (viruses, bacteria, molds, fungus, and parasites), leaving your immune system free to perform its natural functions keeping the body well and healthy.

d-Lenoloate Effectiveness Compared to Common Medications

Pharma certainly has a role to play when fighting infections, however, there are often a plethora of side effects that go along with treatments that often involve destroying healthy, functioning cells to kill the harmful pathogens. D-Lenoloate is different because of it’s ability to support the immune system without destroying already high functioning cells. This ability to promote healing without killing healthy cells is where d-Lenoloate outshines most competing drugs. With research backed by credible institutions, d-Lenoloate is on it’s way to rising fame and may soon become the standard treatment where microbial infections are the culprit.

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